day 2138 – iceland stint

second stint in iceland after touring all the europe cities. this time within the twenty six hour layover, i drove nearly five hours to complete the golden circle check points. i was fortunate to catch one of the geyser’s eruption on camera. also saw a a few waterfalls and craters. i’m tired after an overnight bus from paris to london and a flight from london to iceland. i was definitely looking forward to the late instant noodles dinner back at the airbnb

day 241 – finally a saturday off


sunshine after the rain and i spy a rainbow amongst the clouds. a bizarre day filled with multiple weather changes and uncharacteristic patterns. it was all sunshine when i walked into the bank, came out within three minutes and it was pouring rain, got to love vancouver’s mother nature

day 164 – socks


changing up my original white sock collection with my new multi coloured socks. the brightness certainly makes it feel different i am unsure how i will adjust to them, will need some time to get use to this. i really do love adidas socks and i really love sock shopping in general