day 1815 – designer faces

goofing around being the end of friday and the last day for one. rare moment to have whole design team gathered so we took a photo with what one called designer faces. so glad the work week is over because i had to swallow so much that i had to deal with. i left the office and headed straight for flipping for a pretty good class. i was urged to try unspotted back tuck onto the blue mat – first one on my own in years. somehow things felt right today, i made much progress compared to all of last week and happily left the gym feeling accomplished. i’m feeling a lot more comfortable with a few moves and a lot closer to landing it on the floor


day 1814 – potato wedges

a great win for the team as we strung together six solid innings to win by seven. timely defensive plays like my first time throwing a runner out at home plate. spontaneity got the better part of me today as i was driving home after my game. it wasn’t great but wasn’t bad either and i wished i saved my quota for good poutinery found in downtown. i didn’t finish the whole thing but at least i can say i’ve tasted the timmy’s poutine

day 1813 – first base lady

off softball for two weeks and my timing is a it off at both the batter’s box and first base. i’m either a little early or late getting my bat around, but i’m sure it won’t be long until i make solid contact again. this season i’ve earned the trust of my teammates and proved that i can be the go-to first base woman. playing first base had its difficulties when playing in sunset and teammates hurl the ball in my direction but the entirety of the ball is lost in the sun’s sight lines

day 1812 – boardroom talks

i’ve been really good at this poker face game and not let other departments’ ignorance get to me and my team. several chains of emails came my way that almost triggered me to lose my cool today and almost broke my streak. usually my manager would ask me if i’m okay and i’ll say yes ninety eight percent of the time. because i didn’t say okay when he asked today was enough for him to notice something was up. i had a lengthy chat with him and together we decided how we’d approach this issue. i left the room a bit less angered cause i’m reassured he has my back. this dampened my mood and i skipped all forms of exercises entirely

day 1811 – cora farewell

one of the leads is unfortunately leaving us for another opportunity. the design team went out for a farewell breakfast at cora’s before work. i had so much work to do in order to prepare for my lunch and learn presentation. i hadn’t got a chance to drink, eat, go to the washroom, check emails or talk to anyone. i was nervous leading up the presentation for i was about to stand in front of half the company, some of which are my bosses, to share my team’s knowledge. after a successful presentation, lunch and two more meetings, i finally sat down at my desk to eighteen unread emails. it’s been a whirlwind kind of day, but there’s many good things to take away from it

day 1810 Рdragon and demo 

ten years of early morning stanley park doing walk with the dragon in what must be thirty degrees. it’s never easy getting through one these but this year is different; sifu is not in town to give orders from all directions. nonetheless, being under the sun in blazing heat for five hours drained all the water out of me. the demo went fairly well and we got out of the venue before 1pm. my heel started giving me problems as i was leaving the park. when i got home after lunch, all i couldn’t do was lie down. there was no point in going to hockey in this state, i was better off taking a nap before dinner time

day 1809 – home decor

after countless trips to furniture stores, parents settled on a dining table they actually liked. they are picky with how it looks and how it matches the house. i’d like to say i played a small role in the selection process and think it matches the new kitchen cabinets quite well. the home improvement never stop; i wonder what is next on my parent’s list