day 2726 – gumbi connection

i usually shy away from the working on the floor and do most of my things on blue or red. spending more time on the open floor drilling moves and combos is definitely pushing myself. it’s a good indication that i’m becoming more comfortable with some moves and becoming more of a tricker. in tonight’s open gym session, i finally connected my gumbi pop back tuck which feels very satisfying. i also managed to pull out a combo i landed just before my back fell apart. tonight marks the start of my gainer flash journey. it was a good session

day 2725 – skribblio

online board games night kind of night with some dodgeball and softball teammates. i had a ton of fun and lots of laughs playing both code names and skribblio. it got a little competitive at times, but wouldn’t expect any less from this group. i miss doing these board game nights in person, but virtual ones will suffice for now. we’ll make these more frequent as a means to stay in touch and entertain ourselves while we’re stuck at home

day 2724 – platform return

after being forced to be off weightlifting for five weeks from multiple back injuries followed by hand injuries. i had no expectations walking into the gym because i honestly had no idea if my back or hands could even handle the stress of the weight. my workout was kept pretty light, only working on power snatches and power cleans. i’m just happy to be back on the platform handling the barbell and weights even though the rust is strong

day 2723 – gastown night

always fortunate it when i get off my saturday morning teaching shift and it’s still light out. went to take some night shots while it’s only slightly drizzling outside. as long as i layer up along with my vessi, the rain can’t keep me out. we started in chinatown woodwards building, and made our way to downtown gastown and then back to strathcona. the lights turned out really nice in our photos

day 2722 – spreadsheet galore

the last little while has been quite stressful all physically, mentally and emotionally. experienced many lows that started last week where i felt i had no control over my life. it took some time to pull myself out of it, but i told myself i wouldn’t let me stay in that position. to do list accumulated and piled on during this time. i had a productive day and managed to cross off more than half of the items

day 2721 – dad’s cake day

celebrated my dad’s birthday with a dinner out at a chinese restaurant and a passion fruit mousse cake. we had some extravagant peking duck combination followed by some brown dessert that i don’t even recognize. it’s nice to have a little family time once in a while. also the first time in a long time i dressed up for something that’s not my casual sweats or tights

day 2720 – latte stop

stopped at my usual blenz for my usual matcha latte after my chiropractor appointment. my back has been acting up but not for no reason. i felt really deprived and wanted to training last night even if i was limited to what i can train. knowing very well i’ll pay the price afterwards, i’d still do it any day because i needed to move around to keep my sanity above water

day 2719 – kukkiwon certs

you know it’s official when i finally can line them up on the wall of fame. this is not news since i did the promotion test in 2019, but i didn’t get the kukkiwon certificate in my hands until recently. this acts as my closure for my time at wu’s. i can officially start my own taekwondo journey under vector. there’s a ton of uncertainties ahead of me, i’m pretty scared but i’ll take it one step at a time

day 2718 – sonic shines

had some sanding and detailing done on sonic because it was unfortunately keyed by some horrible person. instead of looking on, i did some washing and waxing on the unaffected parts and sonic is looking fly as ever. i’ll be without it for a few or two while it’s in for a paint job. being without my car will be so inconvenient, i almost feel naked without it safe in my arms

day 2717 – night training

a forced break for over a week and i’m back to my first night open gym in weeks. made sure i took my time with rolling out my psoas and did my back stretches before starting any training. during warm up, my body felt like it forgot how to move, but slowly started figuring things out as the session went on. the first few gumbis felt broken, but after a few cues from the coach, i got it back looking more like my normal gumbi attempts. over the past few sessions, i’ve been working on them and the progression has been good; looking almost like a proper gumbi. i’m determined to get it down and combo out of it