day 2722 – spreadsheet galore

the last little while has been quite stressful all physically, mentally and emotionally. experienced many lows that started last week where i felt i had no control over my life. it took some time to pull myself out of it, but i told myself i wouldn’t let me stay in that position. to do list accumulated and piled on during this time. i had a productive day and managed to cross off more than half of the items

day 2712 – junior finals

i didn’t pay too much attention to the world junior tournmanent like other years. probably wouldn’t have been streaming this game if my hand wasn’t injured and needed to take more days off physical activities. though team canada lost the gold medal game, i really enjoyed the pace of the game. this is probably the closest thing to the pace of professional sports which i haven’t watched for months

day 2708 – new year hotpot

starting off the new year with a family hotpot. it’s also the start of my eight week challenge with a friend hoping to reset my body after the unhealthy holiday binging. i got the bubble tea and matcha craving out of the way so now back on the grind. i’m adopting more of a keto diet but i’ll strategically include carbs around my trainings. good thing there’s a lot of meat and vegetable choices on the table

day 2703 – floor views

basically my view for the day while doing my releases, stretches and foam rolling on the floor. i feel like i’m doing everything i can possibly do to speed up the recovery so hopefully it pays some dividends. there wasn’t a reason to go outside all day. i locked myself in my room and tried to get some stuff done. i wasn’t very successful, but at least i got a chance to sort through some of my thoughts

day 2702 – home therapy

nothing going on except staying at home trying to do therapy on my back. it’s so bad i still can’t bend over and pain should shoot up my spine every time i try to bend forward or lifted my left leg. i’ve never taken painkillers for any injuries or operations in the past, so it’s a little alarming i took some this time. most of my day was spent on the floor doing releases i was shown last time i had the same back injury. i also managed to do a very light circuit that’s suppose to help strengthen areas that might be contributing to the pain

day 2675 – christmas decor

as a family tradition, the last weekend of november is always the time to put up christmas decorations. this year, i wanted to decorate my workstation a little more because i need it to lighten up my mood. we put up the big christmas tree in the living room as usual along with ornaments and lights. i’m hoping with these bright lights around the house, it’ll bring back some holiday spirit and salvage what has been a really rough year for most

day 2648 – home pastry

another set of freshly baked egg tarts sat on the kitchen counter ready to be devoured. my mom’s been addicted to learning new cooking and baking recipes during this pandemic so i’m no longer surprised to see all the food in the kitchen. it’s not helping my healthy eating quest but at least i know that my family won’t be hungry during this pandemic situation

day 2629 – mooncake molds

wasn’t feeling up to training at open gym so turned back even though i was already on my way. instead, i spent my night at home looking through my feed for video inspirations. funny enough, the logarithms took me away from taekwondo videos to tricking videos. as a bonus, my mom made icy mooncakes with the new molds she ordered so i helped her taste test them. i can’t critique because i’ve never even tried a store bought icy mooncake

day 2600 – hoochy booch

living that hipster life because my friend hooking me up with some kombucha at her office lounge. i stopped by her office to get some work done before tricking class. i’m surprisingly productive when working in her little unit that overlooks marine gateway. i need to stop by her place more often to cut down on some of my kilometres going from home to richmond multiple times

day 2571 – call of the wild

self isolating can’t be more boring. same as yesterday, i cancelled everything including apex, pixel, hd girls hangout and open gym in sequence. i had nothing to do all day except stay inside my room and play games. i wore wear a mask whenever i walked around outside my room. although i haven’t received the results, i’m one to be prepared for the worst. if the results come back positive, i have thought about moving out somewhere for a while so i don’t put my parents at risk