day 1372 – hotel hopping


walking the street and hotels all day until my feet hurts and my ankles are swollen. it’s not often i walk over 25000 steps in one day to the point where my legs feel like they’re about to fall off. the first day of hd expo is spent doing research on the pretty hotels of vegas. i’ll have to be at the booth and venue tomorrow; i probably won’t enjoy it, but i’ll make the best out of it and hope it goes by fast and smooth


day 88 – 1 in 10000


this is quite an interesting stat that’s most worthy of noting. coming across another taekwondo blackbelt is rarer than you would expect. it’s a symbol of the training you put forth and the perserverance of not giving up through all that. not everybody who puts on a uniform will know where they end up. i am humbled to have made it and it’s something i would never take for granted. i certainly started my taekwondo journey not knowing how far i would get and where i would end up, but here i am still going at it and taking the opportunities in my own hands