day 2698 – webster unlocked

today i surprised myself by attempting and landing my first ever webster on the floor. i’m very happy i made my goal of landing it before the end of this year and very thankful to have a coach friend support me through this grind. tricking has been rewarding lately, i’ve really enjoyed pushing some limits. i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t disappointed my friend couldn’t join any of the training sessions thus far. i was really looking forward to training a lot with him throughout this holiday break, but at this rate i don’t think it’ll happen at all

day 2683 – student gift

you know it’s that time of the year when christmas gifts and cards come in from students. this year will be a little different; the atmosphere and mood is not the same especially when i’m not teaching as many as i used to. i hope that once this pandemic is under control, i’ll be able to see more of the kids back in uniform, practicing in what i can call my own school, in my own space

day 2671 – overpass

i was on the road for the most part of the day going from covid testing in pitt meadows and then booking it to richmond to coach. after work, we had a short chill training session before going for wings. i had extra calories left in my daily quota so i really wanted some matcha dessert from myst. we ended up stopping by this cool bridge near new westminster and did some final flips before heading home. my back and ankles are definitely feeling it

day 2647 – another pr

started the day with my usual apex lifting and i hit another small personal record and moved closer to my year end goal. my coach didn’t know that what he had asked me go clean and jerk today was more than what i had jerked ever. i had a strong open gym session in the evening. i felt good and landed my flash kick on the floor and also improved my back handspring connections. i’m not going to release that flash kick yet because i think i can land a cleaner one. i couldn’t have asked for a better start to the month of november

day 2645 – onesie flip

showed up to halloween class with my dino onesie ready to throw some tricks. i could say i made little progress all year, but at least i was willing to throw a back tuck, x-out, back handspring and scoot tuck on the floor when called upon. what i’m most proud of today wasn’t any of that – but that i had the courage to go for the back handspring back tuck on blue mat. i had this move in my head a few months back, but failed to make any attempts. i don’t know what pushed me over the top today, but coach told me to go for it and i think that gave me the extra courage to just do it. i started to get around and onto my feet within a few tries. i’m excited to keep drilling this and get better at connecting my tumbling

day 2641 – dialed in lifts

the busy week has not allowed me to touch my weights at all, but that may have been a good thing. all my lifts were strong and dialed in today. the technique and timing of my clean and jerks felt good; i had little problem getting fifty-three kilos up, which was my tested personal record. my snatch doubles off the block were solid. the forty two kilos went up smooth and easy, even the coach said so which is a rarity. i’m going to make a bold year end goal for a forty nine kilo snatch and fifty eight kilo clean and jerk

day 2636 – short open gym

call time for tomorrow’s shoot is before dawn, but i still wanted to go to open gym tonight for a quick session. i told myself going in that i had to leave the gym no later than 10:30pm. i had a fun and chill session working on back tucks, pop3’s, wall flips and back handsprings. i fell pretty hard on one of my wall flips, hopefully it didn’t do much damage to my foot. i was happy i was able to help my coach out with some roundhouse and sidekick technique

day 2630 – pausing squats

haven’t picked up my own weights since the last time i squatted. i purposely didn’t document any garage gym activities for the past few weeks because i needed some time away to nurse my injuries. now that i’m just about ready to round back into normal form, it’s time to pick up the new workout my coach has programmed for me. the new program has the return of the paused squats. i did just that but skipped the rest of the weightlifting drills just because i didn’t want to push it too hard too soon

day 2625 – official wall flip

i had a good session tonight, landing my wall flip that’s finally worthy of a post. i’ve always been fascinated by this trick but had put it off to the side and only picked it back up recent weeks. i landed my very first unspotted one late september, but i wanted to make it better before i call it official. though today’s is official, i’ll keep refining it because my ultimate goal is to do it outside on flat surfaces. i’m super grateful that my coach has been so supportive of my journey and spotting me endlessly until i got comfortable

day 2620 – tech day

i’m back on the platform after not having touched any weights since my knee broke down last week. my coach changed up the plan for today knowing i’m nowhere near a hundred percent. we kept all the snatches light with no feet movement and focused more on technique, but went pretty heavy on the clean and jerk complex which got up to ninety percent of my max. i walked out with an outrageously sore calf which was mildly sore when i first walked in. i’m really happy to be back no matter how much pain this will cause