day 2556 – main school mandates

august is here and the inevitable came today – i’m back in the main school teaching some small classes. it’s been so long since i last wore my full uniform with belt. i have to split my time between wu’s and flightclub, but i planned it out to spend as little time here as possible before heading to flightclub. teaching with a mask and shoes is not comfortable at all and i can’t imagine doing this for a longer shift. i’m glad i was uninterrupted and was able to teach my classes in peace; i guess he trusts me enough to leave me to it

day 2549 – teaching animals

another month of covid classes comes to an end today. really developed a deeper connection with these kids through these smaller classes. part of me hope these kids never grow up and never change. i’ve assigned each kid an animal based on how they act and behave and some of them are really coming out of their shell. my teaching schedule will have to be altered in the month of august to satisfy higher orders of the grandmaster

day 2542 – assistant upbringing

just finished week three of my second term. it’s been great bringing back an assistant instructor back into the mix. he’s still young and raw, but i’m hoping to train him up to be more independent so he can handle more on his own. time really flies and it’s time to get started on finalizing how august class schedule will be like. i have to think carefully how to deal with and deliver the information because it’s going to be a bit complicated with both the privates being in different places

day 2528 – term two

round two of taekwondo classes started today and everything went smoothly. there’s more students returning this term so i’ve divided the group to have two small classes simultaneously. i wasn’t as tired or hungry as past weeks by the end of the shift; maybe having an assistant helped a bit. i also had a physio friend needle me in the quad during my short break which is a bonus

day 2521 – term one

post covid term one classes come to an end this weekend. it’s been really fun teaching these students in a smaller group setting. i prefer these over the large ones killarney has been accustomed to. through the past six weeks, i’ve gotten to know these kids on a more personal level, and a few of them have revealed more of their inner self. i’m looking forward to further connecting with them in the next terms to come

day 2507 – teaching goofs

back to the gym on a saturday morning ready to do the job i know so well. i left alone for my students for a minute and found these goof balls climbing on the make-belief horse. i am a little bummed out i had to pull out of stick and puck in the evening because of my finger injury. i’m sad, but can’t deny that it was for the better. i’m pretty tired after a full day of teaching so driving out to langley wasn’t quite enticing. i went home after teaching and chilled for the rest of the night

day 2493 – violet drink

though i’m on a bubble tea ban, i felt like it was appropriate to redeem my starbucks birthday drink before it expired. i could’ve gone for the trenta violet refresher, but settled for venti because i didn’t need all the calories. teaching four or five straight hours on saturdays is pretty brutal, but i’m feeling privileged being able to help my students. i’ll have to either prepare something for a quick bite or get used to not eating lunch at all

day 2486 – killarney privates

starting my first week of privates and small group classes at another facility which i hope to keep running. i’ve taken some decisions into my own hands and started teaching privates outside of the main school because of the constant inconclusive decisions i receive from the man above. i really missed all the students and coaching in general. it was a tiring but productive saturday. i must say teaching four or five consecutive hours privates and not getting to eat lunch until 4:30pm is quite brutal

day 2481 – garage view

starting the week off strong with a monday morning lift with two boys in the garage gym. today’s workout consisted of deadlifts, tempo squats, rows and delt raises. five by five deadlifts with one hundred and sixty five pounds is not too shabby. found myself being productive in the afternoon by doing some taekwondo planning, class scheduling and email drafting. all the private lessons are good to go and all required communications sent out. it’s probably a good thing i’m starting to do some work again

day 2452 – video release

originally took on this project because my grandmaster asked for a video for his social media, turns out to be a pretty meaningful task for myself. since i wanted to post this on my own feed, i wouldn’t let anything sub-par be posted out in public. after a full day of rummaging through my archives and another few days mulling over things on premiere pro, i’m finally satisfied with the video edit. watching all these videos really makes me think back of my competition days and makes me realize how much i miss – both the glory on the podium and hardships endured in training