day 2691 – narrowly escaped

i’m so fortunate i escaped what could have been a really bad injury when i froze in mid air during a cartwheel back tuck. other than that, private morning session wasn’t too bad. i did a bit more back tucks and variations than i intended because i wanted to get my x-out. the rest of the session, i touched on many basics including aerials, backside 9’s, pop 3’s and back handsprings. near the tail end, i worked on front handsprings and websters, both felt like there’s improvements. i’d like to get back into working on combos sometime soon

day 2665 – long exposures

lockdown reinforcements came in hard this afternoon and effective starting midnight. even though it was cold and gloomy outside, we took every opportunity to play outside in the rain. after some trial and error, we were about to get some cool looking long exposure shots near the airport. my butt was pretty soaked from sitting in a puddle i never saw. my vessi would’ve been super useful in conditions like this. after we finished playing in the dark, we got a chance to enjoy matsuyama’s late night menu. who knows when we’ll get a chance to do that again

day 2664 – turkish get up

a friend graciously invited us to his gym for a private training session. up until today, i’ve only heard of how nice his gym is so i was excited to see it in person. he introduced us to the turkish get up, which surprisingly is something i’ve never tried in all the years i’ve been lifting. it was a challenging exercise because each rep requires so much time under tension. i worked my way up to twelve kilograms, but with practice, i think i can make it to the women’s weightlifting standard of twenty four kilograms

day 2643 – home stretches

after being treated by chiro, he gave me stretches and releases i should be doing at home for my stiff neck, back and hip. on top of the assigned rolling, i did some self care. one thing i had been meaning to do is get back on the poomsae kicking train. to do so, i need to stretch on my own to regain that full split. i always had some natural flexibility, but i can’t rely on that as i age. i’m going to commit to stretching and work towards that vertical sidekick i was once very close to having. i’ll spend the next two weeks stretching as often as i can and see what progress looks like

day 2542 – assistant upbringing

just finished week three of my second term. it’s been great bringing back an assistant instructor back into the mix. he’s still young and raw, but i’m hoping to train him up to be more independent so he can handle more on his own. time really flies and it’s time to get started on finalizing how august class schedule will be like. i have to think carefully how to deal with and deliver the information because it’s going to be a bit complicated with both the privates being in different places

day 2536 – pick up

the past forty eight hours has been bad to say the least. the routine doesn’t stop just because i’m having it rough. i still woke up for my morning apex session and i still went to train in the evening. the apex session was good. i surpassed what was asked – an extra set of snatches, upped the weight in the accessory lifts. today also marks the twenty fifth anniversary my family landed in vancouver. we celebrated with a dimsum lunch which helped me take my mind off the bad things

day 2520 – farmer’s tan

fridays has all my weakest lifts simply because it’s all upper body. the usual consists of bench press, curls, skullcrushers and delt raise. bench press has been making headway in the recent weeks. i’m consistently using the green plates as my working set and hit the century mark with a spotter. i’m glad my workout partner pushed me to do weights i wouldn’t have otherwise tried. the last set of bench press was a killer drop set to finish off my arms. just as i’m about to curl, my friend joked around and i’m reminded of my horrible farmer’s tan

day 2466 – elevate it

i was told to keep my ankle moving, but elevate it whenever possible, so naturally thought of doing some handstands. i was also bored out of my mind during the day time finding things to do and shows to watch. it also bothered me so much contemplating if i could still train tonight. at training, i was sad because it occurred to me that i had absolutely no plans for my birthday tomorrow. i guess everyone forgot about my special day

taekwondo: my story

while the taekwondo school was under the pandemic lockdown, the grandmaster asked to put together my taekwondo demo reel. it sounds easy enough, but i don’t have many footage of trainings and competitions from years ago like nowadays. instead of showcasing myself, i wanted to create something meaningful that showcased my students as part of my video because they’re what makes me strive to be better. this is only part of my story, the rest is unwritten. let’s keep going

day 2445 – bugged knee

a bit of a bugger because i was doing well in these isolating days until hyper extending my knee on what should’ve been a basic move. it prompted my leg to go into shock, but i was hopeful sitting out a bit would let me continue to train. it was difficult to train, but i wasn’t ready to throw in the white towel. i changed up with it could handle which was predominantly back handsprings and handstands. learning to work with what i have has been a challenge over the course of this recovery, but something i’m slowly starting to adapt to