day 2724 – platform return

after being forced to be off weightlifting for five weeks from multiple back injuries followed by hand injuries. i had no expectations walking into the gym because i honestly had no idea if my back or hands could even handle the stress of the weight. my workout was kept pretty light, only working on power snatches and power cleans. i’m just happy to be back on the platform handling the barbell and weights even though the rust is strong

day 2689 – barbell drop

i skipped last week’s apex session to heal up so it’s been a while since i last had an apex session. the rust really shows because all my lifts felt a little off. what didn’t make it any better is the new plates were so oily that the barbell slipped during warm up and dropped on my already bad back. luckily it wasn’t too heavy or it could’ve done some major damage to my spine. at least none of my lifts were heavy because the coach programmed me to work on position snatches and clean complexes with lighter weights but at higher volume

day 2668 – reworkout

my body woke up feeling everything i put it through yesterday. my whole back was sore, neck was stiff, legs were tired and wrist problem is still unknown. i didn’t want to tell the coach my body is beaten for the third straight week. today i repeated the exact same workout i did four weeks ago before my wrist died. surprisingly got through the workout only with a little struggle. it’s a good sign at least i know i’m sort of back on track and i think i might be able to think about that online competition

day 2661 – wrist risk

i’ll be the first to admit i’m stubborn. stubborn enough to go through with my apex lifting session because i wasn’t about to let it go two straight weeks. i don’ tknow what’s the exact wrist injury, but if taping it lets me continue without detrimental damage, then that’s what i’ll do. i did both snatch and clean and jerks, but everything at a much lower weight. the volume was made the workout more a test of cardio and grip strength. knowing i haven’t worked out all week, the coach wanted to make my squat at the end, but i talked him out of it and did more cleans instead

day 2647 – another pr

started the day with my usual apex lifting and i hit another small personal record and moved closer to my year end goal. my coach didn’t know that what he had asked me go clean and jerk today was more than what i had jerked ever. i had a strong open gym session in the evening. i felt good and landed my flash kick on the floor and also improved my back handspring connections. i’m not going to release that flash kick yet because i think i can land a cleaner one. i couldn’t have asked for a better start to the month of november

day 2641 – dialed in lifts

the busy week has not allowed me to touch my weights at all, but that may have been a good thing. all my lifts were strong and dialed in today. the technique and timing of my clean and jerks felt good; i had little problem getting fifty-three kilos up, which was my tested personal record. my snatch doubles off the block were solid. the forty two kilos went up smooth and easy, even the coach said so which is a rarity. i’m going to make a bold year end goal for a forty nine kilo snatch and fifty eight kilo clean and jerk

day 2627 – new snatch pr

i’ve been quietly working on my snatches for past two months and it’s been feeling really good. i didn’t test for any maxes, just drilling the technique in different segments of the lift. i’ve been programmed to go for my one rep max today. all my lifts felt solid and snappy which is a really good sign. i earned a forty seven kilogram snatch which is two kilogram over my previous personal record. i’m pretty stoked about the results and getting consistency with the yellow plates. i’m beginning to think maybe a fifty kilogram snatch is actually possible

day 2620 – tech day

i’m back on the platform after not having touched any weights since my knee broke down last week. my coach changed up the plan for today knowing i’m nowhere near a hundred percent. we kept all the snatches light with no feet movement and focused more on technique, but went pretty heavy on the clean and jerk complex which got up to ninety percent of my max. i walked out with an outrageously sore calf which was mildly sore when i first walked in. i’m really happy to be back no matter how much pain this will cause

day 2592 – rusty jerks

a pretty good lifting session at apex that started off with quick abbreviated snatches. cleaning and  jerking this morning after not having done so for almost three months. it felt really foreign at first, but after going through the motion a couple times, it started coming back to me. i was suppose to keep it relatively light because coach didn’t want any misses today. i worked my way up from thirty five kilos and felt good all the way to fifty two kilos. i’ll drill this for the next little while and see what my new max will be in a couple weeks

day 2585 – lift redemption

a small redemption from last week’s apex session and a good way to end the month. i struggled with the heavier weights last thursday, failing to snatch the forty three kilos four times. all the lifts felt pretty strong today, maybe the cue i needed was to keep my upper back tight. my coach randomly asked why we haven’t been working on clean and jerks; we couldn’t remember the reason so he decided to add some cleans to the end of the workout. it definitely felt quite unnatural since i haven’t done any for almost three months