day 1764 – batters box

i was massively irritated at work today because some coworkers dump urgent matters on me with no appreciation. as stressful was that was, glad that could be balanced out with some softball. played first base for both games in the double header and realized i’ve developed a love for this position. i didn’t swing the bat too well nor ran the bases too well all due to a sprained ankle, but my glove did the bulk of the work. the one position i’ve yet to try but would like to is shortstop


day 1763 – strung racket

got my stream racket restrung, finally, and ready to hit some tennis balls. crazy to think over the course of the idleness, it has lost twelve pounds of tension. this is prime time to hit the hard courts and i’m really looking forward to getting back into it. i forgot how much i love playing and watching this sport, and how it will always be one of my favourite childhood sports. also looking forward to catching some local tournaments and playing in one depending how my commitments work

day 1762 – potted one

the scheduling is weird; second jabba game in three days. i wasn’t sure how i’d play tonight since i was feeling shaking as i was driving to the rink. happy i netted my first goal going upstairs from a nice feed. it was a physical game for me and i got belted a handful of times, though i got up and stayed in the play. i also got my share in the first period as i collided with someone and i was the one left standing. my game is coming along but i still need to learn to be more ready to accept passes at any point

day 1761 – bmw museum

parents have landed in vancouver and are back home after their europe tour. my mom complains there’s nothing good to eat in europe; i can imagine how much her asian taste buds missed asian food. they brought back many things including magnets, clothes, shoes, liquor chocolate and car exhibit items. even if i currently can’t afford my dream car, i can still have my z4 model to dream about. the model-sized z4 will turn into the real deal one day

day 1760 – jabba debut

saturday night hockey continues, but it wasn’t civil war. two hockey games that coincided and i had to give up the drop in. short bench and high tier opponents was the story of the night. they were skating circles around us, not giving them the shut out was a win for us. i was pretty gased by the end, i figured i might as well chill and have a bite with the rest of the gang at boston pizza

day 1759 – homework latteĀ 

this evening is all about homeworking while holding onto my cup of latte. i could be having fun on friday night, but i chose to do some catch up work at forty ninth parallel. there’s never enough time for all the things i must get done and the extra stress is noticeably getting to me this week. two more sleeps of home alone before my family fly back from their europe trip. it sure seems like they’re having a good time, but my mom still checks in to make sure i’m doing okay

day 1758 – cad conversions

it’s quite the feeling holding onto these sets of drawings knowing i’m over sixty percent through. cad conversion is almost a project on its own that i started managing last year. it’s tedious and mundane work but it must be done for the greater good. i’ve utilized much manpower to get to this point – one full time, one part time and two intern students. hoping that my new summer intern can get what’s left done and we can put this project behind us once and for all