day 2267 – brief scare

taking that puck off my arm in last night’s game was a heart stopper for sure. my mind flashed back to so many things that happened during the time i broke my thumb. it narrowly missed my wrist bone; had it hit, i can’t imagine what the outcome could’ve been. i had at looked at by my physio friend and thankful i didn’t have to go to the hospital. i admit i play aggressive, but i swear i’m not careless

day 1545 – shrinking fast

i was so curious to see what was going on underneath the tensor band and fiberglass. the doctor at checkup reminded me to be a good patient; clearly, he had a good reason to remind me. thinking it’s okay to unwrap it for a couple hours while i’m working from home. it’s unhealthy skin tone with wrinkly dead skin was an unpleasant sight. after not using it for over just two weeks, my left wrist is shrinking big time. i am very worried that after my six weeks is up, there will be nothing left in my arm and i won’t have any muscles left

day 377 – getting tanned


don’t get the wrong impression i didn’t attempt to suicide, just got cut by the door latch. got tanned enough recently to make the bandaid standout from my skin tone. typically pretty tanned every summer so this is getting closer to the shade i want, but will eventually lose it to the winter darkness

day 346 – failing wrist


spent a good twenty minutes in the washroom preparing myself to hit the courts for some light hitting. a sprained wrist doesn’t stop me from doing much especially when it comes to doing what i love. it took a long time to get this done because i am noob at taping wrists, but it looks and feels decently stable. this could yield a weird tan but i couldn’t care less as long as it works

day 37 – failing wrist


meanwhile, my other hand is still failing me in many ways and everything is made so difficult when my dominant hand is weak and useless. continuing my stint of experimentation and hoping i stumble across something that will heal my failing wrist. maybe more needles, herbs and stinky ointment might make it better. just for reference, acupuncture burning gives off really strong scents and makes me feel like i am smoking some kind of weed