day 1545 – shrinking fast

i was so curious to see what was going on underneath the tensor band and fiberglass. the doctor at checkup reminded me to be a good patient; clearly, he had a good reason to remind me. thinking it’s okay to unwrap it for a couple hours while i’m working from home. it’s unhealthy skin tone with wrinkly dead skin was an unpleasant sight. after not using it for over just two weeks, my left wrist is shrinking big time. i am very worried that after my six weeks is up, there will be nothing left in my arm and i won’t have any muscles left

day 364 – wrinkly


bandaid stuck on my finger too tightly for a day really affects the blood flow and look what happens. it was starting to get itchy so i removed it only to see the skin around it turn all pale and nasty looking. the skin is so moist and wrinkly it almost looks like i have some kind of condition