day 2130 – ghent city

made another day trip out of today, this time to the city of ghent. this city, similar to antwerp, also has a lot of canals and historical buildings. the rows of houses along the canal are quite photogenic. i enjoyed the scenic walk along the canal, but my feet and legs are really worn out after so many days of constant walking. we got back in town before dinner time and finished the last of belgium shopping. at this point i’m really starting to feel homesick, missing so much of what i have in vancouver

day 603 – supps arrived


my extra boost arrived at a good time. precisely what i needed to remind myself to stay on top of things. this whole depressing phase has taken its toll and worn me out in too many ways. nothing has been settled and nothing has been thought through, but i need to stop digging a deeper hole for myself and get back to the grind regardless of the situation. but i know that there will be sunshine after the rain

day 421 – sala series


as school term wears on and everything goes into full swing, my busy life schedule and commitments are tearing me apart like no tomorrow. already feeling so stressed and so worn out from the busyness and even been feeling unwell all week but haven’t got the time to see the doctor. not that i would choose to go to a doctor unless i am dying in some form