day 1891 – jump squats

walking wasn’t easy the day after i went ham with jump squats at end of class conditioning. it got me good, so good that i didn’t really want to move today. my quads are tired and stiff from the twelve sets. i only managed to do a little sample size of active recovery and a whole lot of foam rolling. it helps that i had tutor lined up after work so i wouldn’t be tempted to do other sporting activities


day 688 – ultra sore


i was right about my legs feeling like they were hit by a truck. totally expected it to feel this way after yesterday’s visit. every part of my legs were sore to the bone and many times when i felt like my legs would give in. sitting, walking and all the most basic movements were all so difficult and painful. even when i wasn’t moving, i could feel the muscles pulling in every possible way. the world must have stopped spinning because i managed to climb into bed before midnight

day 561 – blender bottle


i wasn’t sure if i would have enough left in the tank to make it through gym cause my sugar level was feeling low as i was driving there. getting up the three flights of stairs to the gym was a little challenging and wobbly. pleased i made some personal bests, killed my gym session, walked out feeling good and ended thursday with a bang. and now i am fueling myself with some¬†protein while¬†doing some maintenance work