day 1558 – polar

the start of november has seen some cold days, so cold it’s already reached below zero temperature. the sunshine makes me want to walk outside, but the cold went deep through the skin and into the bone within a minute. i haven’t put away my summer clothes yet and already miss the summer days. daylight savings ending makes it darker and colder earlier. deep inside my heart feels as cold as the air outside; i only wish there’s a fix to what’s wounded inside

day 131 – first snow


snowing for the first time this season and it is a weird sight seeing all roads, cars and rooftops covered with a thin layer of vanilla icing. i wonder what the conditions are like up on the mountain. all drivers be alert and drive with caution, i would much rather you don’t drive if you are going cause other drivers grief

day 95 – craving


even though it’s chilly outside and i am not feeling hungry, i still have serious and the most random craving for an ice cream waffle. thinking back to when i last enjoyed a whatever cafe green tea flavoured waffle. if one came to my door right now i would finish it with no reservation