day 2361 – board games night

took what was basically a road trip out to get to an hd board games afternoon. it was a forty five minutes drive out to white rock from my house. we played many games of telestration before switching onto sushi go party. i wasn’t expecting to play past 8pm so i had to skip my originally planned open gym. i was okay with it because time flew by as we were having too much fun

day 407 – long trek down


it’s a gorgeous sunny and warm september day driving down here to see a specialist. the drive would have been much more pleasant if there werent a trail of twenty cop cars hogging up one lane and if i didn’t keep getting detoured. the pace of this city is definitely a lot slower and calmer, i could use a few of those days, but  that’s wishful thinking, rushed back to reality after the appointment

day 12 – spotted


had to take a picture of this shiny purple car with gigantic teddy bear chilling in the back seat!! seeing this teddy reminds me that i also have a gigantic teddy bear sitting somewhere in my closet from the time my friends gave me for my birthday. i considered it more of a prank because it wouldn’t fit in my locker so i had to carry it to every class that day and my mandarin teacher giving me a hard time for taking up two seats

day 5 – bc day drive


it’s nice to actually be spending some family time hanging out in whiterock on a long weekend. whiterock is such a quiet, peaceful and laid back part of the city. here people actually get to appreciate the slowness of the day and just let things happen instead of rushing around the city trying to complete the neverending errands at hand. i guess that explains why i am a city girl; my world never stops or even slow down