day 1455 Рwisking 

after doing plenty of research, i’m going through the do it myself route. handpicked a few recipes that contains ingredients i readily have in my kitchen. i keep putting off picking up protein bars, so might as well roll up my sleeves and wisk some myself. if this turns out well, i might actually have something to eat on friday. it was a pretty simple process, but the washing and cleaning time took as long as making the bars

day 842 – bulk pack


one huge stack almost complete and another stack on its way. i made it a priority to load up because i need my supplements like i need food. i am a little disappointed i didn’t get the flavour of my choice, but i simply didn’t want to wait another week to have it shipped. that being said, there’s a dozen of flavours to choose from so there’s a handful of secondary choices i wouldn’t mind adopting. this got me covered and should last me a while

day 461 – post workout


returned home from good workout session and filling up my day’s macro with a protein shake. so glad i am done with the body fortress chocolate because it tasted horrendous in my opinion and now moving onto a much better tasting optimum nutrition white chocolate flavour. hope this helps a bit, although i am still expecting to be sore mighty tomorrow, but it’s the kind of pain that’s a resultant of hardwork

day 351 – killed it at the gym


had a great workout today and couldn’t be more pleased that my knee felt really good even after all that i had done. it seems to be coming along in recovery as it should be. i then treated myself with a homemade blended blueberry protein shake – the best tasting post workout protein shake ever. mixing of milk and blueberries to add more flavour is definitely the way to go

day 340 – recovery day


out of commission all day while i am getting my protein dosage and jacuzzi going. it’s hard after being so inactive for so long and then trying to get back into the grove. went all out during yesterday’s dodgeball tournament and now my body aches all over. needless to say i don’t like long lay offs and definitely don’t like to be shut down at all

day 238 – time to upgrade


my spanking new whey and shaker order arrived at my door. can’t wait to get it on and take full advantage of these goodies. trying out a new powder because the last one wasn’t serving me too well. hoping this would taste better than the chocolate i have been drinking. better turn it up a notch and not let anything get in the way