day 1883 – terrarium building

monthly culture event got the office together doing terrarium building workshop. the strategy going into this was only to fill my fishbowl. in the end, i walked away with a plant, some moss, shells, sand and a mini cat inside a fishbowl. it turned out quite nice so worthy of keeping it at my workstation. it was a really fun and engaging activity despite its simplicity. i guess now the harder part is figuring out how to keep the plant alive not knowing if i need to water it and how often

day 1831 – woodland walk

bonding time with coworkers out at coquitlam woodland walk trail. this hike wasn’t suppose to take five hours to complete, but it did. there weren’t any clear markers; i can see why there’s not many people on this trail. getting lost, going off route, going into private property and back tracking was what we did a lot of. the end of the hike was rewarding as we found a nice waterfall all to ourselves. it was tiring in the heat, but it was worth the sweat and we’re already planning the next one

day 295 – strolling


spring is when the vancouver weather starts getting nice out. strolling outside one of the prime areas of downtown during mid afternoon to get some much needed fresh air and personal space alone. being able to walk along this path will be one of the biggest upside come summer time

day 242 – typhoon


reported massive flooding everywhere in hong kong streets, malls and mtr stations, and that’s probably one of the rare times when you will find an unpopulated sector in hong kong. friend sent me this photo and i thought it was a waterfall at first glance, almost don’t remember how hong kong pouring is like but this gives me recollection. they are clearly not as prepared as we are for down pours