day 2723 – gastown night

always fortunate it when i get off my saturday morning teaching shift and it’s still light out. went to take some night shots while it’s only slightly drizzling outside. as long as i layer up along with my vessi, the rain can’t keep me out. we started in chinatown woodwards building, and made our way to downtown gastown and then back to strathcona. the lights turned out really nice in our photos

day 545 – morning meal


i was up very late last night doing a lot of thinking, that’s usually when my mind wanders far off, it doesn’t feel like i slept much at all, but no matter what life must go on. as usual, starting my day off with some multi grain cheerios. it all sounds healthy until you realize how much sugar is actually in the cereal. but oh well, still an optimal choice because it is quick and easy

day 195 – down time in downtown


taking some time off to refresh and wrap up all the grudge and negativity i hold as it is time to move on from the recent understanding or lack there of. wandering around and revisiting an area that i once spent countless hours during my studio. after briefly going down memory lane, a stop at the warehouse was in order