day 1745 – mom appreciation 

mvimg_20181208_173816-11080676634769479973.jpgthe fact my family is going on vacation starting tomorrow means an early mothers day celebration. i don’t show enough, but i truly appreciate my supermom that never fails to take care of me. we rarely go out for vietnamese food cause my parents don’t like the seating, but had to try this place since it’s a highly touted authentic vietnamese restaurant. the lineup outside is always so long, somehow we got a table within fifteen minutes of waiting. this prices wasn’t cheap for sure, but the food was really good, especially the lemon grass chicken. when i said may is a busy month, i do mean it

day 173 – iron chef


feel like i am well on my way to becoming an iron chef after tonight’s dinner. had no idea making vietnamese salad rolls was so quick and easy and involved such simple ingredients. doesn’t have much base cost to make these rolls, the salad rolls at restaurants are way overpriced for what it’s worth