day 1793 – roller and flosser

the fact my body is badly bruised front and back is enough reason not to partake the after-work bootcamp. the excessive overworked body is sore from hip flexor, to hamstring, to calves, to traps, to shoulders, to lats. hence, i spent much time on the floor releasing myself. i did a pre-game roll on my softball and a post-game roll on foam roller and pvc pipe. since that wasn’t enough, i went one step further and did some flossing

day 350 – data plan


what i once thought six gigabytes was unlimited is not really unlimited after all. the most data usage i ever logged in one billing cycle. not sure how did i manage to use that much data in a month’s time but this is good knowing i take full advantage of what i pay for and am entitled to

day 229 – my rogers


my rogers text usage this cycle is on the decline and not maximizing my cost-benefit to get my moneys worth out of the expensive plan i pay for. guess i have been feeling lonely and a little antisocial as of late. maybe its time to step out of my own little world and interact with others more often

day 34 – data activity


a record breaking month!! logged the most phone data usage ever since i got this super plan way back. nothing stands in between me and streaming videos and even tethering. it definitely comes in handy to know that i have access to almost unlimited data anytime and almost anywhere