day 1700 – gr8 companies

img_20200130_2148213666851548115829956.jpgwalking from one gr8 company to another under the spitting rain. another case where i’ve taken the reins to manage more rendering requests and act as the direct contact to outsource renderer. slowly but surely taken more and more off my manager’s plate and onto my plate. the start of the year has been good to me, allowing me to manage my own team and managers developing me as part of the emerging leader trainings. being identified as one of the five emerging leaders is flattering. i think i’ve proven to many that i can handle many tasks under pressure and still maintain professionalism

day 355 – success sponsor


the mysterious new sponsor for this year’s walk with the dragon tshirts is solved. the hsbc we are accustomed to seeing is no longer on the backs, instead it’s an unknown company that sounded really fob. a sighting on west broadway and granville, we now know that yuanheng is a real estate development company