day 2695 – classes done

wrapped up my last taekwondo class of the year and the decade. what a year it has been for me in terms of taekwondo. it all started in march when killarney classes came to a halt due to covid. from there, i took taekwondo into my own hands. i put my foot down and officially made my resignation announcement. that was one of the biggest decisions i’ve made in my life, but i’m very happy i got the support and reassurance from friends and student’s parents alike. i don’t know what the road ahead looks like, but i will take on this challenge

day 2578 – tester and testee

with this being the first test after covid and first time using the new syllabus, i feel my role is both the tester and testee. i walked in not knowing what to expect. there were so unexpected things, but he was more lenient than normal. overall i’m happy how all my students responded and adapted to the grandmaster’s instructions. everyone walked out of the dojo alive including myself

day 2556 – main school mandates

august is here and the inevitable came today – i’m back in the main school teaching some small classes. it’s been so long since i last wore my full uniform with belt. this month i have to split my time between wu’s and flightclub, but i planned it out to spend as little time here as possible before heading to my second home. teaching with a mask and taekwondo shoes is not comfortable but it’s mandated by the grandmaster. i’m glad i was uninterrupted and was able to teach my classes in peace; i guess he trusts me enough to leave me to it

day 2179 – killarney demo team

after long debate, this is the group i brought to walk with the dragon to represent the branch. it is also the first year that killarney students will have their own program separate from the main school. i opted to not wear my uniform to avoid the need to appear on stage. luckily for us, our grandmaster was out of town so we can run this show with a little less stress. it was more of an eye-opener for most as it’s their first time stepping on stage to do any taekwondo demonstration. proud of these kids for having the courage to do so and completing it

day 465 – poomsae uniform


yes its another uniform and new belt, but this one is special unlike all my others. extremely happy i finally got  my official mooto poomsae uniform and a proper thick belt to go along. now that i have full ownership of this, it makes me want to train harder and set higher goals to get to the form that i want and make sure i am deserving of the blue pants. there’s nothing better than that satisfying feeling of achieving things after putting in long hours and working hard to attaining the end result. wearing this should be a privilege, and so need to own up and live up to it


day 450 – atop the podium


standing on top of the podium amongst that company meant much more than just winning because it felt extra awesome knowing i am starting to round into my form after months and months of continuous struggles with some severe injuries. still far from where i want to be but i will seek ways to do what i can to get to where i want. through this whole process i learned to deal with the unexpected, work with what i had and make the best out of the condition i was given. can’t say it wasn’t a long and difficult road back but hardwork and patience of rehab does pay off. there were also moments of doubts where i thought it was the end but i am glad i didn’t let that happen otherwise i wouldn’t be standing atop the podium. beating some blue pants is a telling tale and a sweet comeback. can’t wait to get mine. it’s good to be back

day 172 – breaking them in


debut my new jcalicu uniform because all my other uniforms were in the wash. this is my new precious one and i will use this carefully and sparingly over next few months to keep it in mint condition for big events and special occasions. lots of practice and training needed to go in order to live up to expectations because wearing this on my back should be a privilege

day 105 – delivery at my door


unexpectedly heavy taxes and customs duties charges on these imported goods that came from united kingdom across the many seas and oceans. despite the heavy fees, we are so stoked to have new uniforms arrive, can’t wait until they get screenprinted and ready for action. time to train hard to live up to them!!