day 1898 – venom

couldn’t turn down an offer to go for old spaghetti factory dinner and dbox venom with the design team. this is one was on management for having followed through within an ultra optimistic deadline. i lazied out and didn’t read up on it or watch the trailer, but i really enjoyed the movie a lot more than what the mediocre reviews says. hopefully i’ll get more time to catch a few more new releases in theatres

day 833 – double oh seven


it was another stressful eleven and a half hour day today, i rushed straight to my destination and still almost didn’t make it to my 10pm spectre showing because there were pushing deadlines. booked it to the theatres and thankfully just in time to see the previews. i would have been extremely disappointed if i missed it and i would hate to ruin the plans of others as well. cineplex tuesday night is outrageously packed, almost resembles hong kong night market shoulder to shoulder traffic

day 587 – chappie tuesday


catching chappie on cheap movie night then hitting the gym felt like a perfect way to spend a tuesday night. i enjoyed this movie featuring robots with heart and soul, conscience and adaptability, changes all perspectives and makes humanity’s last hope isn’t human. i certainly had my share of cardio today walking to and from scotiabank theatre before cranking out more cardio at the gym

day 371 – movie time


didn’t expect guardian of the galaxy to be sold out so early. my seat was so up close and personal i didn’t really need the 3d glasses because i could almost reach out to the three dimensional objects. the movie was awesome but my back, neck and eyes didn’t feel so awesome after that

day 260 – marvel


finally putting in a better effort in making time to catch up on social aspect and life in general. i have finally come out of my hermitting shell to see what is going on around nowadays. what have i been missing out of life?? haven’t watched a movie in theatres for quite some time. captain america was definitely up there on my priority list and it didn’t disappoint. it’s gotta be my favourite marvel so far