day 1483 – mini blender

this mini blender better be as good as it looks because it was quite expensive after adding up shipping and import charges. that’s the problem when ordering merchandise from asia. because my hand still won’t open or close entirely, it presented challenges at the gym. it was so painful trying to grip barbells and weights that i just wanted to leave the gym. instead of doing my normal stuff, i had to refrain from anything that involved gripping

day 1439 – japanese boat

it takes a lot to make me skip my sunday workout but skipping it is probably the best i can do for my aching skeleton. i almost lost it with one of the parents at promotion test this afternoon. majority of the parents i deal with are reasonable, but there will always be those odd ones that cause a lot of ruckus. she talked nonstop and refused to listen to any explanation; luckily simo stepped in before my patience ran out. i needed this boat to replenish all that i had lost talking to her

day 415 – killarney inventory


the start of a new killarney term means a bunch of new students needing new equipment. the fall term usually boosts the most new student enrolment and my trunk is living proof of that. my trunk was a disaster coming home from my taekwondo class and having picked up uniforms all the uniforms. the things i do behind the scenes and troubles i go through for my students are far more than what the general public witnesses