day 695 – old quebec


tough day of competition with some slippage and certainly disappointment. hit me harder than anyone can imagine but it’s a wake up call and learning experience. i have some thinking, regrouping and re-prioritizing to do when i get back, but i will come back strong. in the meantime, going into old quebec late at night with the purpose of sightseeing. the area is pretty neat with some resemblance of vancity gastown and yaletown. turns out we stopped by mcdonalds just to try the mclobster and some mcflurries. would be nice to come back during the day time if time permits


day 96 – duckie


wonder where the giant duck installation is touring these days. after seeing the real version of the german art installation in hong kong this past summer, this duckie is very tiny. my guess is its still traveling around the world, i wonder when will vancouverites get its chance to view it in the harbour