day 1463 – bpm meetingĀ 

img_20200203_1531325212050968027528332.jpgmid week morning meeting is tough without a splash of caffeine. i was suppose to take a half day off last week but that didn’t happen. the form was filled out and sitting on my desk since mid july, but finding an appropriate day to take my half day off is harder than i thought. if i continue to fail, it will turn into twenty days of consecutive work. working fifty seven hour a week is like a fourteen day work week and i definitely don’t want to get sucked into doing that like before

day 231 – sandwich board


on one of my random wandering moments because it was nice and sunny outside. spotted this along my walk and thought it was a joke worth sharing. why can’t i stand up, because i am too tired. yes, that’s how my legs feel like after leg day or all those exercises my kinesiologist makes me do