day 237 – marcom meeting


we gathered as part of our reward for a hardworking marcom department. a meeting and mid season social was called for at kyo where we overloaded with sashimi, sushi and bbq meat to our hearts content. i think i need to fast after this meal because the endless eating isn’t doing me any good. it is safe to say i will be avoiding all you can eat meals of any kind for a while


day 80 – lamb feast


one of the several lamb and oily meat dishes of the night. i have never heard of this before today, but this is indeed pizza with lamb toppings. it tasted good on the first bite, but too much meat and too salty to my liking. i am certain my sensitive digestive system will let me know about it later on

day 75 – back home


enough of western food, meat, bread, burgers, fries and so called asian dishes the last couple days in the states. returning home means abundant of delicious sushi and spending time with family on a long weekend. vacation is good but i miss vancouver food because i still predominantly prefer to eat asian food