day 2722 – spreadsheet galore

the last little while has been quite stressful all physically, mentally and emotionally. experienced many lows that started last week where i felt i had no control over my life. it took some time to pull myself out of it, but i told myself i wouldn’t let me stay in that position. to do list accumulated and piled on during this time. i had a productive day and managed to cross off more than half of the items

day 2694 – card stack

it’s been a pretty rough week for me mentally. i’m drowned in my own negative thoughts and struggled to stay motivated for even things i knew i enjoyed. it was getting to the point where i was losing sight of certain goals i had and the reason why i wanted them in the first place. the mission for today was get myself back together, ready to kill it soon enough. i managed to be productive and crossed off many things on my to do list including preparing christmas cards for some dear friends

day 2568 – thursday to do’s

continuing with my productive thursdays trying to check off errands i don’t normally get to on other days of the week. met up with a long time friend in the morning over starbucks and had a good time catching up. i also had to do a lot of thinking for the upcoming months in anticipating that killarney programs will not resume in september. i got through much of the list, but there’s a couple things i’ve intentionally left off the list that still needs to be done

day 2544 – shadow posting

no garage lifting today because my friend had some important issues to take care of. it was a much needed rest day so my body can recover from all the stress i put it through. instead, i wanted to get some work and errands done. i need to get a move on selling shadow as soon as possible because the insurance is really adding up. i just got caught in a bad time where all markets crashed, it was almost impossible to sell during covid

day 2490 – task list

these tasks i’ve been procrastinating won’t do itself unless i get on it. i woke up and wrote myself a to do list just to measure my productivity. i set myself a couple hours as in the afternoon as my ‘work block’ to check off some of these. by the end of the work block, i completed eight of the twelve on the list. i guess doing eight is a good start compared to the zero i’ve done leading up to today. i really wish i could reduce the procrastination for things i find more difficult or tedious

day 1705 – coffee and work

the easter long weekend continues and it has really let me shift my gears a little. i must admit not going into work throughout the weekend is a big change. homeworking at a coffee shop because month end means lots of work piling on. it feels working full time is not suffice as there’s not enough time to get them done during work hours. stationed my work and laptop at prado sipping on my customized latte. had to wrap up march with a work session and get some planning done for the month of april. it’ll be an interesting month as there’s a lot in store for april

day 1225 – delivery

img_20200204_2143041354714475198169124.jpgas a treat for finishing my semester, i am delivered a sushi dinner. i was majorly stressed and overworked leading up to this day, but i am relieved of my duties of and sharing my happiness together. i haven’t had time to even sit at my desk chir much so i am really looking forward to going back to some routines. on the top of my priorities is sleep and a long, long to do list to catch up with

day 1129 – salt and pepper

img_20200124_1517195125112703379053205.jpgi was pretty bored and lazy today even though i had a ton of things waiting for me to do. the family commented on how rare it was to have me eat out with the rest of them. it’s been a long time since i hardly recall when and where was the last. it was such a long dinner, my everything was so stiff by the time we took the bill. got home and did some painful rolling so i can still move for team practice tomorrow. i’ll also get to my long to do list tomorrow

day 1112 – unavailing

img_20200124_093219289420810503379077.jpgnot sure why getting out of bed was so difficult this morning but from the moment i climbed out of bed this morning, i was already feeling a little off. i started the day later than usual so everything was delayed. trying to get my work done in compressed time but the whole day has been unproductive. couldn’t get work done at home so tried mcdonalds but still not much got done. deadlines are approaching, need to get down to business or else my to do list will keep piling up

day 680 – nothing doing


i was so set on going straight to the gym before dinner but only after¬†i parked and walked all the way up three flights of stairs to the gym entrance¬†had i realized i forgot my gym shoes at home. so instead, went home and did absolutely nothing productive for the rest of the night. which should never happen because it doesn’t help my head high to do list, but nonetheless, at least i had a low key wednesday night