day 736 – night snacking


so happy it’s already humpday wednesday and halfway through!! i can’t express my love for long weekends accounting for short weeks because it makes getting through the week that much easier. it would be a perfect paradise if three day weekends existed every week. man, people are such bad influences on me for tempting me to do night snacking that i could not refrain from. i do feel a little guilty after devouring that toast box


day 224 – goodness in a box


happy asian style late night snacking at soho team room after a good night of dodgeball. sharing the infamous honey toast box tasted both sweet and salty and not to mention ever so¬†fattening, but personally felt the bacon was out of place. so much for refraining from¬†junk food and sweets, need to have better resistance to temptations. clearly my friends aren’t on the same page as me