day 440 – hair salon

blow drying my hair takes longer and longer every morning because it’s getting too long and thick. not to mention how much finding split ends bugs me.  i am always that person to grab a pair of scissors and trim that part off. luckily i was about to squeeze in a hair appointment to get my hair trimmed and layered so to minimize caring time and maximize sleeping time. a extra minute of sleep or rest goes a long way


day 395 – geek squad


spent my one in a blue moon day off nerding it out staring at multiple computer screens. in desperate need to fix my messed up computer. so much waiting for me to do but without my computer, i can’t complete any of them. goes to show how important technology and electronics are in this day and age, simply a necessity in my daily life

day 226 – long wait


absolute worst thing about going down to the states is the border wait was so unpleasantly long and time consuming. times you want to slam the wheel when eight cars cross in the other lane while your lane hasn’t moved a single car, that’s when you know you picked the wrong lane