day 2688 – psoas release

i had some flips to record today but i was having such a rough day that i didn’t want to do it. i was horrible at teaching today and accidentally swore in front of the students because i was frustrated at myself. frustrated enough, i went home and only stayed in my own room for the rest of the night. instead of being useless and unproductive, i tried to do some self release on my tight psoas. my back is still feeling pretty bad but i don’t deserve to feel better

day 2686 – quick snatches

i wasn’t suppose to snatch today because i should be resting my back, but after watching some lifting videos in the morning, it made me really want to. i did some quick snatches just to fill the olympic lifting void. my back definitely felt tighter after that, but considering it’s minor i’ll say it’s worth it. i needed this because it made me feel better that i’m moving around. the garage is still very cold even with the heater on max temperature. i find myself standing in front of the heater warming my hands and feet between every lift

day 2680 – garage heat

the weather is getting unbearably cold. it’s literally impossible to workout normally in my garage. my friend heard i’ve been having tons of back trouble and made time to come alleviate the pain even after a long day at work. the heater i picked up didn’t really keep us warm, but may have kept us from hypothermia. i’m very grateful he took time out of my busy schedule to ease me of my pain and get me moving again. i felt i was moving way better afterwards, but i was told the pain will still be around until my psoas gets a few more releases

day 2165 – pretherapy

a massage appointment that was rescheduled and rescheduled since early june. this was an appointment was originally set to take a look at my stiff neck and shoulders but turns out he has to tend to my hip was well. one thing i need to do a better job of for self care is stretching and rolling. i should consider switching my mattress and pillow because the pain and tension is ongoing

day 1793 – roller and flosser

the fact my body is badly bruised front and back is enough reason not to partake the after-work bootcamp. the excessive overworked body is sore from hip flexor, to hamstring, to calves, to traps, to shoulders, to lats. hence, i spent much time on the floor releasing myself. i did a pre-game roll on my softball and a post-game roll on foam roller and pvc pipe. since that wasn’t enough, i went one step further and did some flossing

day 1316 – rest and roll

img_20200204_1609055450160576472723783.jpgtook a full day off work and school to stay home and rest because my poor body is overstressed from all the strenuous events and travels. of course i should have dragged my butt into the clinic to get fixed because i can feel my kneecap not being in its place. being me, i once again postponed my physio appointment and instead stayed home to roll out some muscle tightness

day 882 – sedentary


not quite sure what i did to my calf, but one was hurting so much i could barely walk down the stairs. stayed home all day and barely had any activity, my fitbit probably thought i was dead. at last i couldn’t take it anymore and had to go out to the gym because i felt trapped and uninspired. since i wasn’t very mobile, the decision probably didn’t make sense to many, but it did for me. i felt both my brain and my body were rotting at home and needed the boost – surely it must be signs of gym withdrawal

day 775 – inflexibility


it’s that time of the month again, or the start of another training season that begins really soon. stretching for real for the first time for what must have been at least seven weeks to see how much flexibility i have lost. man, it’s not a good sign when my legs and joints are feeling this tight. it won’t be fun but i guess that’s what i pay for with my laziness and procrastination. one way or another, i will need to regain the flexibility back in a matter of days. the sporadic laziness during the so called offseason really doesn’t make my life any easier

day 682 – night training


a friday night devoted to training as usual. nothing that a little, or a lot of bengay cannot do for tightness and soreness to prevent me from training. ended up spending the rest of the night with the planning crew prepping for tomorrow’s meeting. i need to start stretching again after not having done so for a long time and now my flexibility is slowly disappearing. can’t let my flexibility go especially its the final stretch before nationals

day 663 – restoration day


yesterday’s physical demands is exactly the reason why getting through today was such a struggle. i wasn’t able to fall asleep last night even though i was thoroughly tired. waking up this morning with a throbbing headache and sore limbs and a splinter still stuck in my sole. my knee is really banged up from the crash and my whole body is sore and immobile to say the least. but all is good knowing i completed my mission yesterday