day 433 – cartoon cake


i was cake shopping around in t&t and for a second, i was tempted to get this for my mom’s birthday. that would have been a huge surprise to everyone, and would have been really interesting to see her reaction. unfortunately that won’t happen since i stuck with a the traditional asian style cake of strawberry mousse. i didn’t think she would be too fond of this having this cake anyways


day 221 – cheat day


the savoury fries and curdiness of the cheese tasted so good while i was eating it but feeling extremely guilty after having devoured that. told myself i must keep a healthy diet so will have to avoid fast food from diet for a while, mcdonalds,wendys and timmys see you not so soon and do not tempt me

day 128 – christmas chocolates


the first feeling of christmas season when i receive my first chocolate gifts that’s red and green. the more sweets i receive, the more sugar  goes into my stomach and that can’t be a good thing cause i have no self control. i am a stubborn chocolate eater, i stick with the basics and actually have no interest for the expensive fancy stuff