day 2716 – new space

the first class in the new year is also the first class ever since i’ve announced the existence of vector. we’re in a new space which will be the temporary location until i start shopping for the permanent location. the space is small and slightly cramped, but i’ll manage and do what i can with what’s given. when things are stable, i’ll know it’s the right time to take bigger actions

day 2683 – student gift

you know it’s that time of the year when christmas gifts and cards come in from students. this year will be a little different; the atmosphere and mood is not the same especially when i’m not teaching as many as i used to. i hope that once this pandemic is under control, i’ll be able to see more of the kids back in uniform, practicing in what i can call my own school, in my own space

day 2674 – chair climbing

had a lighter teaching saturday morning with one private session and a bunch of competition filming. we made a pit stop at park royal mall and shopped a bit before heading down to burnaby specifically for these stacked chairs. we really wanted to climb these chairs outside station square last time we saw it, so we’re back with a tripod. the climb to the second chair wasn’t too difficult, but my back really put up a fight

day 2605 – developing curriculum

we’re in the process of changing and developing our own curriculum. stayed after our teaching shift to finalize and record the step sparring of the first few belt levels. we’ve been slowly chipping away at preparing to start our own school. there’s still quite a few things to be done, and i’m sure we’re forgetting a few. one thing for sure is i’ve been avoiding making that one important phone call, but it can’t be much longer before i need to make it happen

day 2598 – mural art

cancelled outdoor activity for after teaching because of the horrible air quality. instead, i went to grab a bite at bubble waffle with my fellow teaching partner and then headed home. on my way home, i stopped by two murals because i had nothing better to do and figured i’d get a head start on hitting up some of the murals vancouver mural festival has to offer

day 2584 – short shift

two less classes to teach because i completed my mandatory main school classes for the month of august. even though it’s a shorter shift, it wasn’t a good one not because of the class itself. i was kind of sad. i felt kind of sad because there were assumptions made that wrongly and indirectly accused me of something i took to heart. i felt uneasy for the rest of the day and just wanted to forget about the day

day 2563 – wu’s bound

second week teaching back at wu’s and the discomfort of teaching wearing a mask and taekwondo shoes is still high. i hope this isn’t a permanent change because i feel really bad for the students especially when grandmaster mandates the shoes which could be hazardous. all i can do is give them more frequent water breaks so they can breathe. i can’t even hear myself clearly wearing a mask nor pivot properly with the grip of the shoes

day 2556 – main school mandates

august is here and the inevitable came today – i’m back in the main school teaching some small classes. it’s been so long since i last wore my full uniform with belt. this month i have to split my time between wu’s and flightclub, but i planned it out to spend as little time here as possible before heading to my second home. teaching with a mask and taekwondo shoes is not comfortable but it’s mandated by the grandmaster. i’m glad i was uninterrupted and was able to teach my classes in peace; i guess he trusts me enough to leave me to it

day 2549 – teaching animals

another month of covid classes comes to an end today. really developed a deeper connection with these kids through these smaller classes. part of me hope these kids never grow up and never change. i’ve assigned each kid an animal based on how they act and behave and some of them are really coming out of their shell. my teaching schedule will have to be altered in the month of august to satisfy higher orders of the grandmaster

day 2542 – assistant upbringing

just finished week three of my second term. it’s been great bringing back an assistant instructor back into the mix. he’s still young and raw, but i’m hoping to train him up to be more independent so he can handle more on his own. time really flies and it’s time to get started on finalizing how august class schedule will be like. i have to think carefully how to deal with and deliver the information because it’s going to be a bit complicated with both the privates being in different places