day 1735 – bumps and spikes

img_20200130_2133293181316743475430811.jpgbonding time with teammates of bubble tea gobblers and getting ready to play some volleyball.  this time we faired a lot better and won two out of three games. although i don’t think it was wise to play with my ailing thumb but it’s hard to change a set stubborn mind. there was only bumps and spikes from me but no sets. between work and play, i had some down time at richmond centre and splurged on a pair of sweatpants and another hoodie. at least it’s something i have been eyeing for over a month

30 share it [twenty nine]


treated to a lunch by my student because she wanted to give me a christmas present but didn’t know what to buy. it was very sweet of her but i’m happy to take her out. i made her make sure there’s no onions and no green onions in my dish. it’s bizarre she’s so scared of me, yet she likes me and always wants to hang out with me. that logic is puzzling, but i must be doing something right

day 360 – because food is essential


probably shouldn’t be stuffing my face again, but i am stuffing my face with some taiwanese food and bubble tea. eating is the way to lazy out cause i felt too lazy to drag my butt to catch the fireworks tonight. need to exercise to balance out that intake and output, but it isn’t happening tonight

day 224 – goodness in a box


happy asian style late night snacking at soho team room after a good night of dodgeball. sharing the infamous honey toast box tasted both sweet and salty and not to mention ever so fattening, but personally felt the bacon was out of place. so much for refraining from junk food and sweets, need to have better resistance to temptations. clearly my friends aren’t on the same page as me

day 98 – late night snacking


with the team at soho on cambie stuffing my face with my favourite baked rice with spinach and sole and taro slush after a dodgeball night, i should have ordered something lighter because i am too full to fall asleep and too fat if i fall asleep. i will have to choose between getting fat or not sleeping