day 2646 – pumpkin patch

halloween classes were pretty chill doing some fun stuff students wouldn’t normally get to do. after teaching, we drove it out to port kells nursery in surrey to do some pumpkin patch things. i had fun finding creative ways to take photos with pumpkins. we hit up boiling point for some hot comfort food before maiko for some cold treats. that halloween matcha soft serve really hit the spot and i’m really glad we went

day 2612 – bouldering

after coaching my saturday taekwondo classes, i’m off to the hive in surrey with my friends for my first bouldering experience. we had our orientation, then climbed for about an hour and a half before our forearms gave up. completed most level one’s without a problem but quickly realized the level two’s were a tad challenging for us. we lingered a bit and did some obligatory tricking. i got a chance to try my back handspring step out which is the first time i’m doing it off the blue mat. bouldering gave my forearm a crazy workout, i’m starting to worry they won’t work at apex tomorrow

day 1678 – surrey centralĀ 

two straight sundays i venture into surrey, both times for the reason of going to the hockey shop. dropping off my jersey for a custom stitching and preparing it for the next game. after some browsing in the goalie section, went next door into surrey central to get my half off happy hour matcha tea latte. walked passed club 16 and peeked into the facility. i could get use to see linden’s face each time before heading through the gym doors

day 597 – model moment


before anyone can even see what had happened, the few thousand dollar surrey civic plaza model tipped over the edge of the table top and came crashing down onto the ground. it’s now shattered into hundreds of pieces and if anyone thinks it can be glued back together to look like the original, they must be high on something. now that i’ve captured the chaos, i shall clean up this mess