day 769 – just surfing


spending labour day on the water going for my second bout of wakeboarding and first bout for wakesurfing. much more enjoyable than the first spending much more time on the water instead of in the water. was unsure if it would be fun in the freezing cold water, but the wet suits made it alright. good way to close off an adventure-filled summer and probably marks the end of a season and the coming of fall. and maybe, just maybe, next summer i will be learning how to flip and do tricks for surfing. sad to see summer go but it was fun while it lasted, until next time!!


day 34 – data activity


a record breaking month!! logged the most phone data usage ever since i got this super plan way back. nothing stands in between me and streaming videos and even tethering. it definitely comes in handy to know that i have access to almost unlimited data anytime and almost anywhere