day 2116 – minoru park

i took full advantage of a saturday off taekwondo by doing things i wouldn’t otherwise have the time for. i first took a trek out to a spa and had an acupressure massage. on my way home, i stopped at the supermarket to grab some vacation snacks and a quick bite. then, i met up with a few flightclubers for the highly anticipated maiko matcha float and that didn’t disappoint. after that, we camped out at minoru park where i was suppose to study for tomorrow’s pretest and flip or play only during my breaks, but it turns out i didn’t get through a single page in my study guide. instead, we spent a couple hours filming tricks as well as teaching them how to toss a frisbee disc. i’m pretty happy with the footage i got from the back flip and feel like it’s improved a little

day 11 – sweets


haven’t had these sour candies in a tube in a long long time. killing time and being lazy by laying on the couch watching tv and enjoying the teeth sticking sweets is a terrible combination. i found myself wanting them every time i go to tnt supermarket and always stopping to stare at them. maybe that’s why its better for me to avoid shopping at tnt but i guess once in a while is not too bad