day 860 – stunned


picked up my stunning glasses bought through black friday sale. picking up ordered goods is always very exciting. it was a night of hard training, even though i don’t feel like it was my hardest workout yet. i wasn’t aware i was working hard until i realized the back of my shirt was all sweaty. for someone who doesn’t sweat a whole lot, my shirt was surprisingly┬ádamp by the end and then i knew i was all warmed up to rack up wins in the last week of rdl before playoffs. but sad to say my elbow was in a lot of pain a few throws in. i need more medical attention and hope that will help me hold up for playoffs


day 626 – low key


basically treated today as rest day because i was instructed that i shouldn’t over exert myself the day before. i slept in and sat around doing nothing and did all things considered unimportant, which i normally wouldn’t get a chance to do. at least i got eight hours of sleep in and that felt like heaven. still had to teach this afternoon but kept my exertion to a minimal. staying low key and trying my best to stay out of trouble is a pretty tall task for me.

day 312 – new shades


a rare sunday afternoon off so i had a chance to squeeze in some shopping. feeling really excited because i finally found a pair of shades i have been wanting for a while. also bought a few more items and spent more than i really should. my wallet probably doesn’t appreciate that burden and would much rather i be at work. just be happy that i don’t get to go all out shopping everyday