day 781 – rained in


having tennis withdrawal already even though it hasn’t been that long since i last played. the cold, rainy and cloudy weather as of late makes me feel even more gloomy inside. i don’t want to make myself believe it will only get worse in the next few months and that outdoor tennis will be put on hold. honestly i love vancouver but i am more suited for longer summer seasons where my tan doesn’t fade as easily


day 452 – bittersweet october


these fall days are dreary, the hardest part is waking up in darkness and going home in darkness. vancouver’s fall season isn’t exactly welcoming; the sky is gloomy, the clouds are abundant, the rain falls heavy and temperature drops quickly. with what i can see outside the window, i cannot lie to myself but summer has left us behind and i cannot help but miss summer even more than before

day 103 – missing


many chilly and gloomy rainy days in november, its been a while since we had sunny days. i almost forgot how the sun felt like shining in my face and how tanned i was back in the summer. miss the days we stood looking at our own shadows. not looking forward to endless rainy days and dark mornings