day 2605 – developing curriculum

we’re in the process of changing and developing our own curriculum. stayed after our teaching shift to finalize and record the step sparring of the first few belt levels. we’ve been slowly chipping away at preparing to start our own school. there’s still quite a few things to be done, and i’m sure we’re forgetting a few. one thing for sure is i’ve been avoiding making that one important phone call, but it can’t be much longer before i need to make it happen

day 780 – back to school


took a long break off this summer away from my regular friday night class and now school is back in season, which also means i am back at training. made a quick appearance tonight and got bombarded with new set of step sparring that i must learn. the third dan step sparring completely blew my mind. i think i will need a lot of time to digest and wrap my head around these techniques and theories