day 2663 – work legs

no training and no teaching today, so i had no excuse not to workout. ending a hiatus after almost two whole weeks of no weight workouts. my wrist still hurts but i’ve still been getting leg workout in the form of tricking outdoors. i got back to doing the programed paused squats and surprisingly still hit the same numbers as i did two weeks ago. hopefully third time is the charm and i won’t have to restart this program a fourth time

day 2630 – pausing squats

haven’t picked up my own weights since the last time i squatted. i purposely didn’t document any garage gym activities for the past few weeks because i needed some time away to nurse my injuries. now that i’m just about ready to round back into normal form, it’s time to pick up the new workout my coach has programmed for me. the new program has the return of the paused squats. i did just that but skipped the rest of the weightlifting drills just because i didn’t want to push it too hard too soon

day 2602 – new plate snatches

after back squats and split squats, i was itching to try out some snatches on these spanking new plates even though i didn’t have on weightlifting shoes on. i can’t be dropping the ten’s so i made the jump up to the twenty-fives quicker than i’d like. the increments was a bit much compared to normal; i failed and fell on my butt on the first attempt at twenty-five before making the next few. it’s the first time i’ve dropped these plates and it felt really satisfying. it’s safe to say having a pair of fifteen’s would be very useful

day 2554 – summer star drink

figured i’d give the starbucks summer star drink a chance before its gone for good. friend brought over as an admission fee to my garage. i don’t mind the taste of it being sweet and sour, but i don’t think i’d choose to order it again. the paused squats from yesterday killed my legs, but i did some extra paused squats just to get some blood flowing. training was difficult today without much legs under me

day 2553 – pulling weight

coach told me to do pullups three times a week so that’s exactly what i’m trying to do starting this week. paired my paused squats with the pullups before doing some runs. shin splints still giving me problems so i really couldn’t muster much of a sprint so it’s more of a jog. the paused squats felt better today so my working set got up to one plate. my lats are not as fresh as monday, but still managed to total twenty five with five sets of five. i think doing the calisthenics exercises will pay off and my upper body strength will start to show if i stay consistent

day 2546 – revisit pauses

my squats has always been very sound, so it’s a bit concerning to me that it felt wonky and uncomfortable. both my knee and hip has been really bothered for that reason and i cap out very easily. i talked to my apex coach and he suggested decreasing the load to revisit pause squats. i did just that today, dropping down to one hundred and ten pounds with a five second pause for my working sets. the form as a whole feels much better so i think i’ll stick with it and work through these pause squats to build back up to my original weight

day 2539 – bento lunch

post workout bentos after some squats and sprints. my squats haven’t really felt good for the past month so i’ve been working on some modifications for my stance. i can’t say it’s comfortable and it’s even disappointing to say one plate seems too heavy. i think i’ll make progress once my body adapts to this new technique and hopefully take on more weights down the road. the goal is still set for a plate and a half

day 2494 – rocky times

the end of may has been a rather rocky stretch in a few aspects. i’m honestly not sure what to expect once june hits. the progress inside the garage gym has been really good many thanks to my lifting partner who encourages and spots me when necessary. i certainly hope it keeps going but i’m not sure if that’ll continue if he get busy. the tricking has been the sad part, because so many things have fallen apart this whole month. i don’t remember how to do a cartwheel and webster; it almost seems like i’m not in control of my own body. i need to be harsher on myself because i can’t keep letting it slide

day 2379 – squatter problems

excited to be back at apex after three weeks of hiatus. i couldn’t be whiny with what i was told to do. instead of doing three reps of my paused squats, he changed it to five reps with the same weight. also did a clean wave and it felt pretty good enough to work up to the blues. not that i don’t want to do squats, i like squatting, but i also knew i needed to trick and play hockey tomorrow night. i know i’m in trouble when my legs are already jelly coming home from the gym. i jumped on the vyper for half an hour before i gave it a rest

day 2363 – shoulder pains

still troubled by the shoulder pain so there’ll be no apex lifting this week. i can only be hopeful that nothing is torn and that i can slowly return to my normal functions. i still hit up nash to do what i could do. a girl, who’s not a trainer at the gym, drove me crazy when she kept shouting out the same instructions even though he obviously didn’t understand the first time. she seemed to think that speaking louder would get the message across