day 2626 – shattered beaumont

i’m usually not down for some pants-dropping halloween type event, but i took on the shattered beaumont offer because it doesn’t seem to be as scary. i honestly wasn’t quite sure what i was getting myself into. it was suppose to be more of an optical light illusion walkthrough experience inside a spooky house. it was a neat experience and we also got some nice photos out of it. unfortunately i wasn’t able to pull off any flips inside before they closed

day 457 – halloween contest


my masterpiece for pumpkin carving contest that won my team second place award. it wasn’t perfect by all means butĀ found ways to cover up the little mistakes along the way. it certainly didn’t turn out exactly how i drew it up but still proud of the final product. we were expecting much of of this because we were worried that the design was too simple, but sometimes less is more