day 726 – feeling hungry


sashimi and japanese food are always good go to food and i don’t think i can ever get tired of eating them. today i have the luxury of getting my sushi cravings fixed but i know i cannot afford to spoil myself too often for obvious reasons. of course i ordered my favourite salmon and tuna sashimi, and then my current new favourite, the maple roll. at least i stay away from the fried stuff


day 124 – huge feast


it’s been quite some time since i have eaten at home with the rest of my family. guess mom felt estatic that i was finally present and went crazy with cooking dinner tonight, but that’s what mom’s do. seven dishes is way too much food for five people, especially when both me and my mom are really small eaters

day 112 – lunch box


feeling spoiled today to find myself packed with a sushi lunch this afternoon. can never get tired of eating sushi day in day out. sometimes i wonder if any of my ancestors were japanese. one day i will travel to japan to eat authentic japanese food and maybe even learn how to make some sushi myself