day 2620 – tech day

i’m back on the platform after not having touched any weights since my knee broke down last week. my coach changed up the plan for today knowing i’m nowhere near a hundred percent. we kept all the snatches light with no feet movement and focused more on technique, but went pretty heavy on the clean and jerk complex which got up to ninety percent of my max. i walked out with an outrageously sore calf which was mildly sore when i first walked in. i’m really happy to be back no matter how much pain this will cause

day 2564 – hearty stroll

my apex morning lifting session was quite challenging coping with the residue of leg soreness. i have new workout of on the minute snatches up to forty kilograms. my friend last minute bailed on lunch plans so i went for a stroll and spotted this along the cambie corridor. nothing exciting kind of sunday, a laid back afternoon not up to much all day before hitting up the regular open gym

day 2561 – destroyed legs

woke up this morning and am i ever sore. we went into yesterday’s leg workout knowing very well that our legs will be destroyed. i took a cold shower hoping to relieve some of the built up lactic acid. also spent a good amount of time foam rolling throughout the day before training. tonight’s open gym session was very much compromised because i couldn’t get any lift from my legs. it just means that i got a good amount of work out of my legs and the muscles tears will be all worth it

day 2554 – summer star drink

figured i’d give the starbucks summer star drink a chance before its gone for good. friend brought over as an admission fee to my garage. i don’t mind the taste of it being sweet and sour, but i don’t think i’d choose to order it again. the paused squats from yesterday killed my legs, but i did some extra paused squats just to get some blood flowing. training was difficult today without much legs under me

day 2147 – back at flips

ever since i got back from my europe trip, my body has been experiencing nonstop and soreness. soreness from one thing hasn’t left my body and more soreness is added from another activity. i’m still really happy to be training again and seeing the people i’m used to doing flips with. working on arabians after hours because i haven’t landed anything in a long, long time. it’s definitely time to get a head start on some new moves and make better progress

day 2146 – rusty snatches

second apex workout since returning and i’m still trying really hard to get back to proper snatching. i’ll be the first to admit i’m pretty disappointed in the missed snatches that shouldn’t be missed. when the lifts appear to start out wrong, i give up on it far too early and clearly don’t try hard enough to save them. i was told off for doing so and smartened up after that. at least i made up for the lackluster lifts with some better back squats

day 2145 – department change

going to work on monday morning with mixed emotions because the switch in position and department is considered a promotion. the fact i’m removed from the department i’ve grown with leaves a sour feeling. also having work with someone i need time and space from is rather uncomfortable. still, work must go on and i’ll be professional about it and keep the interaction at a business level. at the end of the day i just need to get my stuff done

day 1829 – woman in black

my 2xu tights getting in on the action while i do some active stretching. no shame taking a selfie because there’s a first time for everyone. i usually wear shorts into the gym so this is a new look for me sporting all black coveted compressions. just in the gym trying to get some maintenance work done while i can’t be an active participant in my normal activities. it wasn’t just the legs, my chest and shoulder is still very sore from physio’s beating. disappointed that the pain and my movement is still as limited, but a little premature to say that it’s not improving

day 1821 – vitasoy

i didn’t understand why my body feels soreness like a post deadlift day even though i hadn’t. i guess that on ice collision was pretty hard and gave my backside a hard jolt. i decided taking a day off bootcamp would probably set me up for a more productive friday flip session. instead, my colleagues and i went to seven twenty sweets for a liquid nitrogen run. one way to beat the heat was to try the limited time offer vitasoy and vita malt

day 1793 – roller and flosser

the fact my body is badly bruised front and back is enough reason not to partake the after-work bootcamp. the excessive overworked body is sore from hip flexor, to hamstring, to calves, to traps, to shoulders, to lats. hence, i spent much time on the floor releasing myself. i did a pre-game roll on my softball and a post-game roll on foam roller and pvc pipe. since that wasn’t enough, i went one step further and did some flossing