day 1974 – aquaman

watching movies in theatres nowadays is so pricey. i don’t catch many movies in theatre on their first week of showing, but aquaman was too good to pass up. i liked that the background story was well presented. i’d rank this one up there with the rest of the marvel movies. bumble bee, spiderman and grinch are next on my list to watch or stream. note to self that boxing day shopping isn’t only a morning, it’s a full day of craziness especially metrotown

day 260 – marvel


finally putting in a better effort in making time to catch up on social aspect and life in general. i have finally come out of my hermitting shell to see what is going on around nowadays. what have i been missing out of life?? haven’t watched a movie in theatres for quite some time. captain america was definitely up there on my priority list and it didn’t disappoint. it’s gotta be my favourite marvel so far

day 128 – christmas chocolates


the first feeling of christmas season when i receive my first chocolate gifts that’s red and green. the more sweets i receive, the more sugar  goes into my stomach and that can’t be a good thing cause i have no self control. i am a stubborn chocolate eater, i stick with the basics and actually have no interest for the expensive fancy stuff

day 82 – chocolates


came home to find these irresistible kinder bueno sitting on my desk. they won’t be around for long because the next time my mom came to me and asked where they were, the chocolate was already in my stomach and wrappers in the garbage can. funny thing is she wasn’t at all surprised