day 1715 – ready player one 

img_20200130_2142227770561148662157897.jpggirls night out to watch ready player one and eat teishoku. tuesdays are known for two things: taco tuesday and cheap movie night. this is the way asians think to get the best bang for buck; otherwise regularly priced at twenty four dollars. aotoya was good, but the service was so slow we literally waited forty minutes before food was served. as such, it made me miss my basketball game which was disappointing, but i was too hungry to pack it and go

day 157 – whitespot


changing it up with a dinner at whitespot. not often i go to whitespot but wasn’t particularly impressed with my visit because the wait was so long, servers were so inefficient and the kitchen was so slow. tried the new cod and prawn risotto with caesar salad and blueberry milkshake. might be an extended period of time before i decide to give it another chance