day 2007 – sunrise drive


crossing oak bridge on my morning drive to work with this beautiful back drop. never easy waking up early on a monday, especially when i didn’t have much of a weekend. i had a hard time this morning even after three snoozes. i was pretty brain dead at work but good thing i was doing sketchup things or else i would most definitely have fallen asleep

day 1344 – laying low

the work hours crept by so slowly but at least i was trying to work. at times i still felt dizzy with headache and wished that it wasn’t only wednesday. multiple body parts are wrecked and needs more rest than i will ever give it. surprisingly able to pry myself away from the gym and even decided against dodgeball. instead i spent the evening doing some overdue tedious calculations, paperwork and catchup

day 643 – crazy weather


looked outside the window every hour and each time i felt like i was in a different city other than vancity. there was a mixture of sunshine, drizzle, rain and hail all throughout the day. vancouver just can’t seem to make up its mind on what season it is so it throws us a little bit of everything. but one thing that didn’t change is i am still sick like there’s no tomorrow

day 594 – cherry blossoms


happy st patrick’s day everyone!! all signs point towards the arrival of spring season when i look up at the sky of pink filled with cherry blossoms. what a lovely sight walking down rows and rows of pink cherry blossoms on a clear sunny day. too bad these flowers are such short lived and soon they will fall to the ground and make a mess. today calls for spending some time walking around downtown and taking in fresh air

day 177 – sunny days


pleasant streak of sunny days and clear skies in the month of january. it’s good to see warm weather coming back to town because i have had enough of frozen hands but i only wish there would be more snow falling on the mountain because i am not finished with my skiing season yet

day 65 – and the good weather continues


consecutive days of blue skies and relatively warm temperatures in october, loving every minute of the sun and hope it’s here to stay for a bit longer. you would think everyone living in vancouver is used to the amount of rain we get, but that’s a total misconception because i will never get used to it

day 42 – all clear


pleasant clear blue sky with a streak of white light, unexpectedly good and hot weather in september peaking thirty┬ádegrees. good to know summer isn’t quite over yet. all the reason why i love summer so much, other than the fact that its perfect for hitting tennis balls on the court