day 1195 – tire swap

img_20200204_2140001959541063953545998.jpgmy shadow treats me well, i will also treat it well with some expensive spanking new bridgestones. it was long overdue, but i finally got my tires replaced and no longer have to worry about incidental drifting even on non rainy days. my day was so scattered today; had little success at having prolonged productivity. ended the night hangry and frustrated, but not feeling worthy if i can’t first match it with productivity

day 134 – miss you at times like this


winter has begun and my beemer is skidding an sliding even on very thin snow. this is when i really miss my old all wheel drive acura and its snow tires. i am not looking forward to anymore snow in the city but please snow more on the mountain top because i cannot afford to be trapped at home on snowy days. i can already fore see winter seasons giving more problems than my car can handle