day 2552 – home care

i stay home a lot whenever i’m not out training. took some time to do a little self care on my shins. my shins have been really overworked to the point it’s irritated, which makes me even more irritated because i can’t train desirably. i really do want my cart front to happy soon as july is ending. it’s been playing so many mind games with me, but i don’t know when it’ll get to the point that i’m ready

day 2551 – learn to love

i’ve been told to love myself and do self care as much as i care for others. frankly, learning to love myself is one of the things i still haven’t fully discovered. i have way much leniency and compassion for everyone else around me, but when it comes to myself, rarely do i have any. i expect a lot out of myself because i was raised in a family where praise is a rarity. adopting that, being hard on myself and beating myself up over things is the only thing i know. it’s not a good feeling and i’m still learning how to be better

day 2540 – pill supps

over a decade ago, i was told i lacked calcium and needed to take supplement pills. the pills were so big i couldn’t swallow them whole. i tried chopping it in half and diluting it in water but one hurt going down, and the other tasted pitiful. years later, it continues to kill me with the number of times i’ve had broken bones. i think it’s time i do something about it and try it again


day 2311 – relax and recover

somedays you just got to take care of yourself even if the sky has fallen. i really felt the need to just get away from the negative thoughts and try to do what will make my body better. i need to heal the rest of my ailing body. nothing right now can really change the way my ankle is, but i’ve been reading up on it and getting new learnings. talking to people with different knowledge and experience has also given me more insight and reassurance to some degree

day 2165 – pretherapy

a massage appointment that was rescheduled and rescheduled since early june. this was an appointment was originally set to take a look at my stiff neck and shoulders but turns out he has to tend to my hip was well. one thing i need to do a better job of for self care is stretching and rolling. i should consider switching my mattress and pillow because the pain and tension is ongoing

day 1674 – march madness

march will be focusing on me; not on what others want or need, but what i need and what i want. reason being march will be a hectic month trying to get everything back running in full line and at top gear. i have to be a bit more selfish because i realized i give up too much of myself for people who show little appreciation. i have a ton lined up. i made a few commitments along the way, balancing work and balancing life while staying on top of my diet are all keys to how successful i’ll be

day 1660 – vday gift

img_20200130_2327314054315174066789205.jpgsitting beside my monitor this morning is a valentines beanie from my big boss. turned around and saw two beanies sitting side by side with a cupcake. i’ve developed a good circle that taught me much about importance of self care. thus i’m continuing to keep up with my eating habits and my mindset open. many things working in my favour; though i’ve been really swamped, work has treated me pretty well lately. one thing that always lags behind is my ability to rest

day 1580 – massage

a stop at the massage therapist after trucking along the many nonstop days and nights. there isn’t really a good time or spare time to release the built up stress from my driven lifestyle. when i look at it again, tasks will forever be never-ending because one task’s end is another task’s beginning. i can’t let myself break down, then i’ll only be less fulfilled. from the looks of the swelling, still makes me worried something has gone awry and think it’s best to make time to get it checked